Andar Bahar casino

Andar Bahar is the most traditional game from India that dates hundreds years back. This game has actually become very popular because of the simplicity and since has spread to rest of Indian subcontinent where this is played in the villages or during the family gatherings. After emergence of the gambling websites in India, Andar Bahar game was adopted by the casinos online in India. It means you will play andar Bahar live casino game online and at your own convenience by using the Indian casino online. Continue reading to know where you must play Andar Bahar games online.

How you can play Andar Bahar Games?

Andar Bahar casino game is generally played against the dealer. It is played by huge number of people at one time, however, most of the casinos can allow over five people to play immediately. Before this game begins, every player should wager some amount of money as “Andar” or “Bahar” (that means in or out). It means that player should bet on a right side or left side of a table. Thus, player has 50/50 chance for success.

This game begins with a dealer drawing a card and placing this at a center of their table. The card represents match card. Dealer then can continue drawing the cards and place it alternatively on a right side and left side of a match card.

This game is finished when match card comes on either a right side or left side of a table. Players who picked correct side can double the money. Players who have picked wrong side can lose the stake. At Jeetwin, you may get No Deposit Casino Bonus whenever you create the new account. It means you do not need to deposit your money to begin playing the Andar Bahar games online.