If you are looking for playing online poker like a pro but failing to be one, well, you are not the only one. In many cases where players have been playing even for years, there is a tendency of missing small details.

Range is important:  Top end players think about Ranges. They pay less importance to hands. They think of bundle of hands present in a certain timeline. Rather than playing with a single hand a player should focus on a range of hands like bottom pair, middle pair, ace-high, flush and other hands. A good player will estimate what move the opponent  will make with the range.

Stay consistent: Let your game strategies be consistent.  It doesn’t matter if you are really bored or want to adopt a new gaming view. There should be a game language for yourself which is a signature style that no one would adopt. This has been the hard and fast rule for your game for years which kept you in winning mode. Though you keep learning new turns as you grow, you shou;ld be consistent with your strategies.


Reasonable thinking:  There should be reasons why you are adopting a new game rule in case you are planning to do one.  There is a difference in an average player playing a certain move and an experienced player making one. Middle level players raise from a certain position  for a change or for just trying something new. There would be no valid reason. But for a professional player it would be because they find that the opponent might have possible chances of winning rajawaliqq if that move is not made.

Get grip of aces:  As a great player, you should have a good understanding of how to play with aces.  Particularly in online poker, playing at lower stakes is little easier and one can have good guesses. Don’t be emotional while playing with aces and learn to know when to turn them.

Avoid playing waste games: If you realise that the opponent is weak or playing senseless game, then it is better you don’t even attempt playing it. Though it is for pleasure that you are playing it is more of your emotional perspective that is getting hurt. It should be your a pleasure playing the game but not a headache.

Moreover, in spite of all these there is no substitute to practise. Remember that implementing new strategies when required and sticking to your OWN game is essential  and the winner  in you is always alive.